At LAST I can publish this! ;-)

p9223594I am VERY proud over this fellow… I was asked if I could make a portrait or at least look alike of a missed cat for a birthday present. Well Yes I said… So I got photo’s of the real Bus and started making…a head, and made another and another and… I count eight heads, all cat like but none of them a REAL cat… My own real cats (thanks Molle and Morris) hated me after all the feelings and measure’s and proddings to understand what was wrong with the ones I made… But at last he emerged! Large as life and a bit too cute…it always becomes kind of hard to let them go when you have made them;-)

Bus now has a new “mum” who says she loves him, and that is all I wish for… I am very proud over him and very glad he makes someone happy!


Here he is in full view!  He is made entirely of wool, merino for small details and the reddish coat and Finulls wool for the bodywork. He is approved as being a maybe real cat by both of mine: they tried greeting him and sniffed his nose;-)

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