Building A Wool Picker!!

Materials collected I have longed for one several years…likewise I have planned to build one, I even bought drawings of a cradle picker at E-Bay once… hoping my husband would build me one maybe;-) Well now I HAVE made my own! This is part of the material and tools.

Planning Making drawings, testing the prototype of the plaque to set nails in in the kitchen. Sorting and counting nails! Look at the nice shiny nails;-) The story behind them is rather sweet. I actually GOT them fro free! From a company that sells them by the TON not 400 like I wanted. SO the very nice woman I had contact with just put four hundred from their store in an envelope and sent them to me;-)


When you are in a hurry just do it! Planning and counting nails in the kitchen 😉 The finding of the nails was actually what started me making it. One need to have nails that are smooth and sharp and oddly enough in Sweden ther ARE no smooth ordinary nails in hardware stores. I asked around a lot but got no answers except concrete nials hardened and thick. Finally I found a company that made nails I wanted but they sold them BY THE TONNE 😉 I needed four hundred… *sigh*


Building the ThingWhen that was done the turn came to the box to put all the nail beds into. See the shiny nails all prickly awaiting to be mounted!


Waiting for assembly.This took some thinking on my part…and another journey to the hardware store. My Horses who resides in a field next to the back porch was studying my efforts closely…wondering if it was something one could eat probably…


total view of workarea..Well I guess I needed some more thinking, this is ANOTHER view of the…same thing;-) Nice weather though!


Here it is! (next day) finally all parts fell in place and I HAD my wool picker. Now it was high time to TEST the thing out! Would it do the job I wanted it to? …Cats weren’t THAT impressed by the wool in their bowls on the floor though. I started (AT ONCE of course) with finull sheep fleece. Lambswool rather short, not the cleanest and VERY crimpy…


First test very difficult wool!
After one turn in teh picker it actually was more of a cloud than before at least..more than that it had expanded in volume probably ten times or more. This wool is a pain to tease by hand, and this was far better….


Easier wool...Grey Gorland, grown up wool, FAR easier to tease both for hands and my picker. There is rather little tear of fiblres (I can hear that), there will be some clumps of torn or just second cut fibres in teh resulting cloud and some locks refuse to stick on the tines. This wool is done once in the picker..a second round makes it better teased.


Luxury!ANd finally a very clean clump of dyed in the wool locks (Border Leicester) became this lovely cloud after one round! I am satisfied and a bit proud of my invention…well not the principle but the assembly at least!


I need to solve the fastening of the box to surfaces (here I used a moist towel underneath) the clamp I have is too small for my worktable, but I am happy I made it in thick boards, it is a GOOD thing that it is heavy, the same applies to the sled. Wax candles provided the right lubrication… some kind of handles maybe on the sled in the future but otherwise I am very satisfied!

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