Odd but useful gadgets 1

The microwave oven… I don’t like zapped food, I have an old fashioned feeling that it is wrong somehow, I long resisted but now it stands there…. and YES it is perfect for zapping tops in dye solution when dyeing smaller amount but NOW it has started to earn it’s living for sure… when the felted something you are working with has gone cold and I don’t want to dunk it it hot water I can zap it in the microwave;-) The soap foam stays in and the piece gets hot;-) A minute on full effect is perfectly enough…. Also usable when final stretching and forming AND would be just great if you needed to re form an object that has lost it’s shape or needed to be washed! So now the micro does not just sport very nice splotches of dye inside but also from time to time sports LATHER 😉  (Just remember never to eat something zapped at my house;-)

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