A chalky cliff that once were a coral reef situated near the equator, now situated in the Baltic sea between Finland/Russia and Sweden. Haven to orchids and birds, the diversity of the flora is astounding, there are flowers everywhere during the warm season. There are a herd of semi wild native ponies living in a vast woodland in the middle of the island and everywhere there are sheep. Gotland sheep of course and the very old breed Gute sheep.  A rather lovely place to live in actually;-)

blid-5Warm long summers because of the sea all around. Walnuts and apricots can grow here. The most typical houses are made of limestone and whitewashed. And there are extremely many medieval churches on the island. The farmers were prosperous around 1100- 1200 A.D and showed by building churches in every parish as the former Vikings became christened.









blid-2-2One is always close to the sea at Gotland. This is a nature preserve in the south east were thousands of birds come each year to both rest and nest.









blid-3Since the air is humid all year around we often have dramatic mists like here. An afternoon mid winter with a sight depth of 20 meters.

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