A nights worth of spinning

The small light brown Finull lamb’s fleece was long 10 – 15 cm and had nice staples and I have longed for combing for some time now…

Stacked carefully in washing bags

So I picked out the staples in bunches and stacked them in a wash bag and soaked them with minimal stirring in three hand warm baths. Ran them in my external centrifuge (my no 1 gadget) and let them dry.


After a day the staples are dry enough to start combing…

In the evening the are dry enough to latch on the combs


And then I started spinning… long fibre, fresh from the sheep, only washed with water (no detergent) is a joy to spin for sure




So the night went by with spinning and combing with a Sci-Fi book I just had to
get to the end to and… well when you have
two bobbins with thin singles all made up
why nor ply them instead of going to bed…




This is NOT a good way to process wool in case you want to sell the yarn 😉 But the result is rather rewarding if you are a true wool nerd… as I for sure am.  576 meter/ 629 Yard shining lamb’s wool yarn… ( I do have darker brown , black and white wool from the same shepherdress… I guess I am going to make something fair isle in natural colors for once!


The yarn is not washed yet!



Lamb’s wool of Swedish Finull sheep (Finullsfår)









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