In praise of worsted spun yarn…

I just have to show this…

It’s the yarn I spun some nights ago, hand combed lamb’s wool of the Swedish breed Finullsfår (Fine wool sheep in direct translation) spun worsted i e all the hairs lies parallel to each other and goes into the thread tip first. Taking full advantage of the inherent shine in this kind of wool.

20151024_142327This is taken when the yarn came off of the
skein winder. There is still some lanolin left in the wool and the fibers are stretched and lies pretty flat.




wpid-20151026_162208.jpgAnd here is the same skein after a soak in warm water with a tiny amount of wool wash… like a string of pearls, the wool has retained it’s crimp and every wrap has swelled out to form a shiny very soft squishy and airy yarn even though rather tightly spun.


In Sweden we don’t talk about worsted, we call it kamgarn which would be combed yarn in translation 😉


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