Me and dyeing

lockfeb-4If I had the energy I would find the names for all the flowers I can see in those locks, Lavandula, Chikory, Wolfsbane, Wisteria… I did remeber some at least… Colors does something to my inside, I can first feel it in my eyes when they take in the colors they kind of open an detract like a camera lens and then I can FEEL the hues in the bottom of my eyes 😉 Sounds stupid does it not? Well that’s me… 

The purple is actually made by sprinkling magenta on turquoise.

lockfeb-2Red is totally hopeless to take pictures of somehow but makes me very happy any way.. this time I wanted lots of reds but also the very darkest bloodiest red I could make… a pinch of black and pinches of magenta on top of the primary red… mmmm

lockfeb-1Well…. I had this load of curlies two days in a reclainer so I could watch it from where ever I sat my self, made my eyes all bubbly and glad… This is shorter and coarser locks of Wensleydale and some White Gotland and some Very long but matted Bluefaced Leicester locks…  The ones in the left hand corner actually made a yarn yesterday…


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