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Welcome to Wicked Yarns and Wool!


I sell different kinds of wool, handdyed wool, handdyed tops in different special blends and qualities, handsun yarn, handdyed machine spun yarn, and everything else you possible can make with wool, if you can’t find what you are after please talk to me and I can probably make one for you! 😉

To buy something: please visit my Etsy shop (link at the top) OR visit Gotland and Ninnis Ullbod or my home in Rone!

To discuss a workshop or creative event or a custom order please contact me in person!

Contact me personally: ulrika at wickedyarns dot com or phone: +46 (0) 73 98 36 006


Jag säljer olika slags ull, färgad ull, färgade tops av olika typer av ljuvlig ull, handfärgat maskinspunnet garn och handspunnet garn, stickade saker samt allt man möjligtvis kan göra av ull egentligen. Jag gör gärna saker på beställning, hittar du inte vad du söker? Kontakt mej så kan vi nog ordna det också!

För att köpa något av mina alster: besök min Etsyshop eller kom till Gotland och besök Ninnis Ullbod i Silte eller mitt hem i Rone;-)

För att diskutera en workshop eller någon sorts skapande kursverksamhet etc kontakta mej personligen.

Kontakta mej personligen vis mail: ulrika at eller telefon: 073 98 36 006!



I live on the tiny island Gotland in the Baltic sea, a small very nice island with more horses and sheep than people…at least in off season;-) Gotland has a famous almost complete medieval town with walls and all that is a UN world heritage, but I live out in the country side.

I am obsessed with everything I can do with wool. SO I spin, dye, felt both dry and wet and i knit of course. I sell my things in my Etsy shop, in Ninnis Ullbod i Silte and sometimes in markets. You can also reach me at my home of course!

I sometimes make things on request so if you have a request please tell me and I will try to oblige you;-)

Please contact me at ulrika at!

About my work:

The Wool

I use locally produced wool as far as possible, mainly that is the lovely grey Gotland wool silky shiny hairy wool and I also have a provider of good Border Leicester wool which is white and also shiny somewhat coarser though. When available I like lambs wool best.  If I need Blue faced Leicester wool or Merino I have to buy that from Great Britain since those breeds does not exist in Sweden.

Wet Felting

When wet felting I love to use the Gotland wool, it felt really fast and is easy to work with beside I love the colourways of it in all shades of grey.

My wet felted items are made for endurance and use. Wet felting is done by rubbing wet wool mainly but includes stomping, micro waving and quite often blisters on hands:-)

Needle Felting

Gotland wool is usable but here my favourite wool is Finull which derives from either the SWEDISH breed Finull that mainly means Fine Wool or the Finnish breed (that is the same actually) called Finnish… I once owned a flock of Finull sheep and their wool is the finest one can imagine, very good to needle felt with in any case. But sadly I often have to buy that from GB too;-(

Needle Felt produces items that are not as sturdy as wet felted things but also enables more and finer detail and other shapes. My needlefelted things can be handled but are not suitable as playthings for example.

Needle felting is made by sticking a very sharp needle with hooks into the wool and thereby compacting it prick by prick;-) Very time-consuming and hard for your hands. But fun!

Carding Dyeing and Spinning

I card my wool when I don’t use tops on my old motorized drumcarder.

I dye with acid dyes which are light and rub fast, sometimes there might be some residues in dyed yarn which will wash off in the first wash.

I spin on my Louet wheel which have been mine since the 1980´s and still is working just fine. I mostly make single ply and always with a z twist. My thing is more colour and texture than evenness and control. so most of my yarns is slightly thick and thin especially if I spin to retain colour-changes in wool dyes in the wool and carded in strips of it’s colour-changes.

All wool is sensitive to moths! My best treatment is Patchouli oil, so my yarn smells faintly of Patchouli!

Never wring or rub a wet wool garment. Wash it gently and if you need to use hot water don’t touch the wool while warm! Wool handles hot water pretty well but NOT the combination of hot water and movement!



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