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Fun with bag templates

Yesterday I wanted to make a larger bag, so I made a template and picked out my purple dyed Gotland lambs wool …


A truly purple handbag!

A very purple bag, I dyed a complete fleece of Gotlands lambs wool (grey) truly purple and carded it all, this is …


Cobweb felted scarfs;-)

 New addiction;-) Thin thin felt scarfs…. And the possibilities for making them different is unlimited…


Odd but useful gadgets..2

This cowl has survived both sander and the knobbly plastic thingy;-) My muckboots;-) I realized today, is much preferable to wet feet when felting;-) …



A soft and rather cuddly bag with flames and pockets and the most beautiful PEARLS! I have bought Japanese glass pearls that …

Grå rasta


This is the end result;-) The cord is knitted and felted, soft and cuddly, the red locks has migrated a bit up …


Bowls bowls bowls;-)

I just love those forms, they wake loads of inspired thoughts in me, hideouts, seed pods, hatched dragons eggs, sea urchins, anemones, …

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